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Are you being charged with a crime and need representation? The Law Office of Michael Lambert in New York, NY can provide you with criminal law services to help you build your case. Whether you're facing charges for drug possession or domestic violence, a criminal defense law attorney will walk you through every step of the criminal defense process.

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You can work with a criminal defense law attorney at the Law Office of Michael Lambert in New York, NY on a variety of different cases. Consult with our team for federal or state criminal defense law matters related to:

  • Federal Criminal Defense
  • Government investigations
  • DWIs
  • Immigration and deportation defense
  • Domestic violence
  • Narcotics, drug possession and financial fraud
  • Theft and property crimes
  • Sentencing issues

Are you facing any of these charges? Speak to an attorney about our criminal law services today by calling 914-417-1144.

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About the Law Office of Michael Lambert

At the Law Office of Michael Lambert, you'll work with experienced attorneys Michael Lambert and Mariel Colon MirĂ³ on your criminal defense. Our team had the opportunity to be one of six lawyers making up the criminal defense counsel for the high-profile El Chapo case, known as the trial of the century.

We are a bilingual law firm dedicated to helping you communicate effectively in the courtroom. We have Spanish- and English-speaking attorneys on site.