Efficient, precise, diligent, reliable

Michael Leigh Lambert was prompt in calling me, meeting with me and taking action in my defense. He identified all the necessary elements, while being diligent in communication with the District Attorney's Office, submitting paperwork and meeting in court. M.L. Lambert is an expert is his field and his reliability provides you with peace of mind once he decides to take your case. He is at reach and an excellent communicator who understands how the system works. I highly recommend his service.


Excellent Choice

Worked effortlessly with us to resolve our issue will recommend to anyone in need of a Lawyer in his expertise....Awesome attorney

Happy Client

Highly Recomended - Extremely Efficient

Michael was extremely thorough and responsive. I needed assistance with a severance package that presented several challenges. He always made himself available even if it was for a 5 minute conference call. His knowledge and guidance ultimately led me to a faster turnaround than I anticipated. I ended up leaving more satisfied with the result of the agreement based on his reccomendations.


Knows what he's doing.

I hired Mr. Lambert when I had an issue going on with my insurance. He walked me through the entire process and put me at ease while I was a nervous wreck. He prepped me before anything took place and took charge in the whole ordeal. When the day came everything he prepped me for was spot on and I was able to get out of the situation with a settlement. I would highly recommend anyone to use his services if you're ever in a tough situation. Thanks Michael for all your help!

Janis C.

Simply the Best

I called Michael at a critical time in my life when I was being accused of Elder Abuse Fraud. He returned my phone call right away and I met him within that week. I found him to be very knowledgeable and sensitive to my issues. He would call me in the evening to reassure me and was available every step of the way. The case was dismissed. I highly recommend him. He is awesome


Mr. Lambert was God sent!!

Mr. Lambert was professional, courteous, well informed, and realistic from the beginning. It was undoubtedly some of the darkest days of my life when I met him. He took time to explain my options, learn what I wanted as the outcome, and explained ways to achieve it. He would spend time researching and was always honest about what to expect. It is evident that he values the outcome of the case more than his reimbursement. He is driven and determined. In addition, he is very easy to talk to. Many times, I felt like talking to a good friend rather than my attorney - that made a huge difference, especially when dealing with all of the other stressors. If, God forbid, anyone that I know is ever stuck in such a predicament, I would recommend Mr. Lambert in a second. I went from being in a situation of having my life completely ruined to getting a brand new start... with a clean slate... at exactly where I left off prior to the case. It is unbelievable!! I thank God everyday for giving me such a great lawyer. In a difficult situation like that, you need someone like Mr. Lambert on your side.


Defense Expert

Michael Leigh Lambert was my attorney in my recent defense case. It started out as a felony but in the lowest class. I was in jail for 26 hours. Mr. Lambert stated this is the hardest part, it gets easier from here. He stated his intentions were to eventually get it to a violation and not a criminal charge. This month, true to his words, I pleated guilty to a violation and got 4 days community service. He was the only voice of hope when I felt hope was lost. I would definitely recommend Mr. Lambert to others.


Amazing Guy!

Amazing Guy .. and I deal with attorneys all day long. He took on a case for me, and because he wasn't sure he could help, he worked the case, and kept me informed, without asking for a single penny up front. His due diligence paid off. He resolved my case in under 30 days - and of course got paid. The man is GOLD!


Attorney Lambert got me out of trouble; he is an excellent lawyer

I had some trouble with a domestic violence issue and Attorney Lambert when above and beyond to get the charge dropped from a misdemeanor criminal charge (which would have messed up my life big time) down to a ticket which will not show up on any future criminal background checks done by employers. He always goes the extra mile and he always picks up your call unless he's in court, in which case he always gets right back to you. Attorney Lambert is also very patient and thorough in explaining law jargon which is sometimes very hard to understand to the average person. I asked him redundant questions all the time and he always answered them/ Attorney Lambert is awesome, I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer.


Trustworthy and Dependable

Mr. Lambert was always on my side and was very reassuring. I had never been in trouble before and this was my first arrest. My case was dismissed in the end and I can finally put this all behind me and move on. He helped me through the entire process and I am grateful for his legal help and support.

Noel N.


This lawyer is the best I have had in the past. he's fully trustworthy and he is very helpful in everyway. with his great knowledge and quick response, he delivers a great deal of of success wit the case. if I ever need a lawyer, he would be the one to get the job done. I highly recomend him. he's great!


Good Lawyer

What can I say, but great lawyer. Michael lambert is one of those no nonsense lawyers. Once he's representing you he means business. Takes his job seriously as well as your case. They try to slap me with a aggravated assault charge. I hired Michael and I walk away without even visiting a courthouse. Thanks again.!!


Mike Lambert is a go to guy. He gets the job done in style and with ease

Yes I would hire Mr. Lambert. He went out of his way in many respects to help me out of s sticky situation. I is young, adept and has his finger on the pulse of whichever courthouse he happens to be dealing with on a particular day. My sense is that he gets along well with his peers, that is judges, DA's, prosecuting and defense attorneys, and has the charisma and personality to get his clients a positive result in their respective cases. I feel fortunate that Michael Lambert handled my case.

Happy Client

Well Informed, Efficient, a safe choice for sure.

Michael is a very well informed attorney. He is very concise and detailed when explaining your options given your particular legal predicament. Michael was always responsive to all of my questions and concerns with the patience and fortitude to answer everything until I was satisfied that I understood it. I found him to be a very reliable, professional lawyer with keen legal acumen and I very highly recommend him. If you want to feel assured that you are getting the most sound legal advice he is the best choice.


Michael Lambert a great lawyer to have on your side

Michael helped me in my case I had in court and hoped me get off with killer deal. I went from going to prison for 3-7yrs to going to prison for 2 1/2yrs that ended up with me getting work release. Thank you Michael


Great attorney

Great attorney, I refer all of my clients who need criminal representation to Mr. Lambert.